Meet Conor Smith

The Owner, Head Chef, and Creative Leader of CK Food

Conor’s passion for food developed at a young age watching, learning and assisting her Mum create the wonderful delights that were shared at their family dinner table. Since then good food and produce has been an integral part of Conor’s life.

Conor’s journey started at the age of 17 with a position at Lamonts which exposed her to a range of catering experiences including formal corporate lunches, sundowners, private cocktail functions and Somerville & Sunset cinemas. This early experience in catering piqued Conor’s interest in providing an unforgettable food experience in a variety of settings.

Conor further developed her skills working in á la carte restaurants and high-end cafes before broadening her horizons and developing her business skills as a key member of her parent’s business. International travel enhanced Conor’s passion for food and her desire to work as a chef. This is when CK Food was born, combining Conor’s business knowledge and love for creating unforgettable eating experiences. CK Food’s unique personal approach and mouthwatering creations has opened the doors to a huge variety of events since it was established 18 months ago.

Conor is a member of the international “Slow Food” organisation which encourages the support of local producers whenever possible. This approach enables CK Food to use fresh, seasonal, local produce to create simple, well balanced flavours. Conor is hands on in sourcing fresh ingredients directly from the farm at local farmer’s markets and grows herbs and vegetables for use in CK Food’s creations.

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